Tuesday, April 03, 2007

LA: more celebs...and me and Jenna

I went to LA Friday for work. That night, my three co-workers and I went to a nice dinner in Beverly Hills. Craig Kilborn was there, but that wasn't exciting. We were still on NY time so went to bed by 11 or so...and I woke up around 8am, unable to sleep. Lisa (my work friend) was going to our work event early, and I wasn't suppossed to go til 11 (I got lucky) so I went down to the lobby, ate the free breakfast and went to the hotel "gym," which turned out to be like 4 machines, and two were broken. Needless to say, I worked out for only like 20 minutes, but it was still better than nothing - it's like I knew I would be eating crap the whole time.

The work thing went well, we had a lot of people come down, which makes everyone we work with happy, which makes me happy. We had really good pizza for lunch, and by the time we were done cleaning up, Lisa and I wanted to go out more than have a nice dinner. Plus, Jenna had told me that if we wanted to get in any good clubs, we had to be there by like 10:30. So Lisa and I convinced our two co-workers to go to In & Out for dinner - I called my mom and had her read me the "secret" menu (not so secret since it is easily accessible online) and we had really good "Monster" burgers and fries. This just meant they put secret sauce, grilled onions (whixh normally only come raw) and cheese. This made the normally bland fries awesome, and the burger better as well. My 2nd In & Out experience totally outdid the first.

After that, we went back to the hotel and opened the bottle of liquor one of the guys from the event gave me. Alex, Lisa and I drank for a while til Jenna and her friend Roxane came over. Alex, Lisa and I basically drank 3/4 of the bottle, so I was drunk before we even went out. I really wanted to go to Area, since I had heard of it before, and luckily Jenna's guy friends happened to be getting a table there and needed girls. Jenna, Roxanne, Lisa and I cabbed it from our hotel a little after 10:30, since it was around the corner. We got in, no problem, which was nice, and again very different than last time I was in LA. We met the guys, drank some vodka, and started dancing pretty early. The music was fun, the crowd was fun, I remember dancing with a variety of guys and my friends... After that somehow we lose Lisa. Jenna is talking to some guy with a backwards hat on who looks slightly sketchy, but when she asked if I wanted to go to an after-party, I was like, sure. I found out via texting that Lisa had met a guy and gone home with him. Good job on our one night out in LA, Lisa. Haha. So Jenna, Rox and I go with this guy Perry, and his friend Nick. It turned out Jenna had met Nick in Cabo, and Perry she had just randomly met at Area that night. We got in Nick's car, and I remember he was being really cocky in the car, and I didn't really talk to him - I think I was thinking of my mom telling me, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all," when I was like five. Anyway, he even reached back when I was texting at one point and tried to flip my cell shut. That is the kind of kid he is. He was being very condescending to my friends and was also calling me phone girl - anyway, you get the point. So we roll up to this neighborhood with lots of trees (apparently we were in "The Hills") and big-ish houses, and Nick says something like, "Last time I parked at Paris' I got towed."

I was like, WHAT?!? But of course kept my mouth shut. We got out and saw a line in front of a gated house - bouncer and all. No one was really getting in to this...house party. However, we strolled right in behind Perry and Nick - guess this is where it's good to know guys like him. And yup, it's totally Paris Hilton's house. There is Nicky, much smaller than I remember her (I had seen her in NY), and Kimberly Stewart, and Paris herself. Complete with photos of her and Nicky on the walls. Oh, and like 50 other people in the backyard/deck, spilling into the kitchen. The house honestly wasn't as nice as you'd think, it looked like someone's really nice lakehouse or something to me. There was Goose and JD sitting out, it was a make-your-own-drink-in-a-plastic-cup type of party. It reminded me of a high school party. Except, with celebrities. I am sure other people were there, but let's also keep in mind I was really drunk...

So later on (4am?) Nick decides he is going to take Kimberly Stewart home, since she is puking or something. Perry tells us, and is like, sorry. For whatever reason (alcohol) I wasn't too concerned, and poked my head inside the first car which pulled up (a jaguar) which had two young-ish guys inside. Jenna and I worked it a little - she actually said, "Can you fit one girl who is a size six?" The guys said yea. "Good, cause there's three of us and we are size two." Haha. They ended up squeezing us in (I was on one of their laps) and taking us back to my hotel in Beverly Hills. I drunk packed (always a good plan) and went to stay at Jenna's, for some unknown reason. I guess my hotel bed was kind of hard. And we picked up the guy who got the bottle so he could shack with Jenna. Ha.

Anyway, my co-workers all left Sun morning (I felt bad for Lisa since I am sure she was hungover too) but Jenna and I slept really late and ended up going to lunch with the guy who got the table the night before - I think Jenna felt bad because we ditched him for the wanna-be socialite guys. So all morning and during lunch we were not allowed to talk about the night before - which was killing me! After that, bottle-boy left us and we walked up Santa Monica beach in the sand (butt workout - sort of) and went in a few shops in the 3rd Street Promedane. We wore our hungover selves out, so took a nap then went to dinner with bottle-boy and his friend, which was really fun. They were pretty normal guys, which as we all know is hard to come by these days. Jenna and I had originally planned to go have some beers at this place Toppers, but were literally just worn out. Saturday night was enough partying to hold me for a month or so - of course, it won't. So we chilled and went to bed by midnight.

When we were finally allowed to talk about Paris' house and stuff (when bottle-boy was gone) I learned that Nick is good friends with Brody Jenner and those kids, so I guess it makes sense that we were able to get into Paris' party. Jenna is going to keep in touch with those kids for the sake of stories like these!

Today I got up early-ish because Jenna had to go to work, so I walked to this cute coffee shop, then went to the mall when it opened at 10. I got two dresses, then went to hang out with her at Origins, where she gave me a mini-facial and did my makeup. So fun! After that, I had to go to the airport. The timing was really good, I got to do literally everything I wanted to, and I had a blast! I really like LA a lot more now - I could even imagine living there at some point. I think because I met a bunch of more normal people (a few here and there at the work thing, Jenna's friends, etc.) and didn't feel like it was impossible to get into places, as I did before. And the weather! Don't get me started. So I am now on LA time - and I have to go in to work EARLY tomorrow and be at client meetings all day. Ohhh back to real life. I just wonder if I would ever go to work if I lived there - everyone is so chill and lots of people don't have real jobs, since half of them are trying to act or something. Anyway, for now I am just waiting for it to get warm here - or til I go to Vegas in three weeks, whichever comes first.

Gunna TRY to sleep. Goodnight!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

just hanging with celebs and having sleepovers

It's been a fun three weeks. My cousin and his friend came in town in early March. I went to the UN with them (my one touristy thing for a while) and we went to a really good BYOB Turkish place for dinner, where we all got really drunk before meeting my friends out in Nolita. Apparently Laura was just as wasted as I ended up, but neither of us noticed the other one being that wasted - go figure. Well, I ended up leaving (without my cousin) with Abby, this girl Lucy's roomate, who lives in Queens - it is on her way to drop me off. I specifically remember (and that is saying a lot - I don't remember much else) giving her $10 for the cab... Somehow I proceeded to leave my wallet in the cab as well. However, I didn't notice til later. I got home, called my cousin and made them come back to drunk eat at the diner across the street. By this time it was around 5am, and after eating amazing choc chip pancakes (thanks to my roomate for recommending) I noticed my wallet was gone! Just then I got a text saying that Abby had it. Talk about timing.

So the next day, after lunch with my cuz (thank God they could buy my food again) I met up with Katie, who had just left Queens and was back in the city - with my wallet. As soon as I got it, I noticed my credit card was gone! Ofcourse. I barely recalled buying a drink (gasp). I knew we had started off at Pravda, but wasn't sure of the name of the Irish Bar across the street where we spent most of the night. I looked at my online bank statement and saw my one $7 charge at "Puck Fair." I called, they had it, I went downtown and got it. It was a day spent cleaning up the drunken mess from the night before - but I got lucky and it all worked out. Oh, and I think my cousin had a good time, too.

I was in Houston for St. Patty's weekend (Wed night - Sun). I loved hanging out with Buster, my pup, all day Thurs - we went running and laid out. Friday I went to Target, which makes me super happy, then went out with Fran that night--she was in town from Baton Rouge. Nothing special, just went to midtown and met up with the guys, I had to drive so we didn't go too wild. Saturday Sheri and Merna drove in from Austin and we went bridesmaid dress shopping at the Galleria. Though unsuccessful, we had fun. We met Kristin for dinner at La Madeleine (of course) and went to Griff's that night. Needless to say it ended up being a drunken mess of a night, I got to see Jess and Jeremy and Bryan and lots of people. Rob drove us around and we ended up back at Tipsy Clover, as usual. It was fun and really good to see people that I hadn't seen in a while. Sunday I hung out with Buster--he makes me sad to leave. And, when I got back, it had just snowed all weekend, so was still really cold. Yick.

Last weekend I stayed in on a Fri - shocking, I know. I had to write a story for class, which was overdue, and I was dead tired. Saturday I was uber-productive and even went to my NEW gym - a really nice one that I get to go to through a work discount. I am about to become super gym girl like I used to be - my foot is better too! Anyway, Sat night a bunch of us girls went to Joss Stone's album release party. Now, I had gotten the email, but never thought she would be there. She was, along with Sean William Scott (aka, Stiffler), who is kind of hot. Somehow the girls left, and Court and I ended up in a cab, aimlessly heading downtown. When we passed by McFadden's, she suggested we go. I was texting Dan (law intern boy) and told him to meet us there. (Oh yea, we went on another date this week too.) He and his friend met up with us, we danced and acted fratastic, as you have to do at McFadden's. Then I took him home. Dan said I was lying in my bed yelling, "Just twist! Just twist!" Speaking about the doorknob to open my door, when in fact there are actually not one but two deadbolts...oops. Needless to say, since I had been drinking, I just passed out, but we hung out all day Sunday - we ordered food and watched DVR. It was fun, we will see...

Anyway, I am going to LA Fri for work and am really excited. It's not freezing here anymore but I still want to be on the beach! I am also staying an extra night (Sun) with Jenna, so that will be even more fun. Be jealous!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

it's raining men


Anyway. So it's been a while. February was fun. We had a half day at work one day bc of the snow. Woo hoo! However, I am counting down til summer starts. I think it's like 17 weeks.

The first or second weekend me, Merna, Court, her friend Jesse from work and his friend went to 7B in the LES, where Mern and I proceeded to find randoms to buy us drinks. This led to them inviting us to a bar with them, and us ending up late nighting at their apartment in the West Village. When walking over we had sooort of coupled up, the guys were walking with their arms around us keeping us warm--whatever. When we got back, I was mingling with everyone (they were fun!) but Mern and one of them I guess wanted to shack, so we ended up staying. The guy who was keeping me warm on the walk over then kind of latched on to me, and I went to his bed to sleep--I was drunk and tired. He, of course, wanted to hook up, and when we got to the bed didn't waste time taking out his friend. I pretty much told him and his friend I was tired, and couldn't hook up - I gave him my # the next morning but I don't think he will call. I don't care, except they were a group of fun guys and a few of them were cute. But the group shacking reminded me of college...or my first summer here.

Andrea H. came in from Boston for the three day weekend and she, Mern and I went out Friday to The Hudson Hotel bar where I managed to meet some British guy who was cute in the older, hipster way. I neither like older nor hipster boys, but since he was British I guess that outweighed it, so I gave him my number. He was also definitely a bad boy, which helped him out.

That Sat Court and I went to a party for a girl at my work, then met Cesar out at The Delancey in the LES after. I immediately attached at the hip with his cute law intern, who is our age--not younger. (When I say intern people think I was hitting on a teenager.) We danced all night and when Cesar came back to shack with Court, Dan (intern) came along for the ride. When we got here, I told him he could sleep here (in my bed) but that I don't like to hook up with randoms. So he did, and we didn't, and in the morning we talked and hung out and it was all fine and dandy. I had to meet Mern and Andrea for brunch, so he left around 11. Again, gave him my # that morning.

Sunday night Court, Mern, Andrea and I went to a BYOB dinner, got wasted, and went to Cain for this kid's bday. After many a jager shot, I sort of blacked out but still managed to meet some guy and give him my #. I am at what, 4 now? I told you, it's raining men.

  • Guy #1 - The one with the "friend" - Did not call. His friend did not call my friend either. I guess they still could but... Their loss.
  • Guy #2 - British - Called, left message asking me out. Did not call him back.
  • Guy #3 - Cute intern shacker. Called. Had date with tonight. More on that later.
  • Guy #4 - Cain/met when wasted - Called. Had date with last week. Was too dorky, but v. nice and also my neighbor, so may try to be his friend, eventually...though we know that never works.

So...there ya go. Guy #3, Dan, is super cute and nice, we had a fun dinner - even without wine or anything. He is a law student from Pennsylvania but went to Tulane so I feel like he is very "normal". He's out of town this weekend so we are suppossed to hang out again next week. He mentioned a movie and "seeing his apartment," which obviously means he wants to hook up. I don't want to hook up with him until I really know if I like him - it's just too much damn effort if I don't, even if I am (and I am) sexually attracted to him. So we will see.

This past weekend I was in Nashville for a work thing - too, too, too much detail to explain but I may write about it for my class and post it later, it is a good topic but not for a blog about "drinking, going out and stuff," as my descripion reads. I got to drink with the master distiller for W.T. who is 72 and a badass. My work friend (who is my age) and I were the only ones from our company there and we basically just ate dinner and drank with clients and the master distiller all weekend, then drunk ordered MORE food from room service when we got home. It was kind of sick how much we consumed. We went to downtown Nashville at one point, it reminded me of Austin, and I think it would be a cool city to party in if I didn't have a crew of clients around. All in all, best work trip ever, since it involved little work.

This week we had a going away dinner for Merna, who is moving back to Austin. There isn't one real reason I can say, but I hope she is making the right decision. I am very sad, but I will be seeing her enough -- I think she and Sheri are coming to see me in Houston when I go in two weeks.

Foot update: Still hurting but went to podiatrist who gave me inserts to wear - I have flat feet which can cause pain if you walk a lot, as I do. I am wearing running shoes to work for now and when possible, I hope to be gymming next week...I feel not so great about it since it's been over a month.

I will try to update more but with all the writing I do for class...it is hard. I like the class SO far but my paper gets critiqued tomorrow so I may hate it after, if they like, make me cry or something. Please don't let me be that girl.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

busy and...busy

I have been super busy. I was in Miami for work like 2.5 weeks ago. It was super warm and I laid out and had a relaxing time. Didn't end up going out, but I didn't mind - it was a nice break.

I kind of didn't want to leave - I had heard it suddenly got cold here. I was right. Next beach vacation will be longer. Lesson learned.

I moved the next weekend. I say I because Court was out of town so I had to take care of it - which meant watching, and yes, helping the movers. All went well except that a couch we bought on Craigslist (the one for my room) wouldn't fit through our DOOR! So I left it out in the basement, which is right outside Court's door, and immediately put a new posting on Craigslist to sell it at the same price - I had it sold a few days later when we realized that it was GONE!
The super threw it out! So I was out $75 AND a couch. Currently looking for a new one. Along with 300 other things. Craigslist is awesome. Even though moving has left me so broke I can barely afford even Craigslist. Let's not mention by 5 total trips to Bed Bath and Beyond in the past two weeks.

Speaking of "broke" things, something else that happened in Miami is that I hurt my foot - the ball of my foot, not sprained my ankle or anything like a normal person. I think from running in the sand? Anyway, the first week and most of last week I ignored it, but now that it STILL hasn't gone away I have prepared for the worst: I gave myself a pedicure, because if it isn't better by the end of this week I am making a dr.'s appt. I haven't even gone to the gym lately! I soaked it in epsom salt (a suggestion from my mom) but it did not help. She also suggested I stay off of it - easier said than done, since I literally walk everywhere.

I have been working late a lot too, lots of stuff going on, and I am starting to feel a little burnt out. Last week I was convinced I had some African Sleeping Disease because I was so tired all the time. This week I am less lethargic, however, I am still getting to bed earlier than normal. Which is a good thing - except I have to hardcore catch up on tivo on the weekends (which I now have in my room!). I hope to be back in gym mode, which in turn gives me more energy, in a week or so. Depending on my ankle.

I swear, I am not a hypochondriac.

There are some cool things going on too. At work it has been celeb central. Tony Allen from Queer Eye was in yesterday, today my boss went to Mary Louise Parker's apt b/c she is appearing at an event in March, and we are about to hire Julianne Moore or Eva Mendes or someone for an event I am doing in Sept. So that is all fun. I also just started a writing class at The New School: Creative Non-Fiction. It is Thurs nights from 8-10pm, which is kind of late, but I feel guilty leaving work before 7 or 8 so it works out. I missed the first class b/c we had a work party 2 weeks ago (and no, I did not get wasted!), and went for the first time last week. We read Joan Didion's work, which is good albeit somewhat depressing. I am going to write something this weekend to hand in next Thurs for a critique from my teacher. If I feel good about some stuff I may post it later. It will be none of this freestyle crap I do here, though - very different and thought through. At least, I hope. Anyway, the class is a workshop which means other students take your 1000 word pieces home and then come back with comments/criticisms. I hope at the least to learn a lot - maybe it will help me develop a tough skin when my writing is criticized. I can't be the girl who gets upset or cries or something. Oh God.

So Friday it got bone-chilling, numbingly, fucking-cold-as-fuck cold. Friday is also the day I started to notice my room being cold. It seemed to be getting in through my window, so I checked to make sure it was shut. Then I went out and got wasted and didn't feel it. Saturday I slept, then shopped all day, letting my room stay freezing. Saturday night I went out and got wasted. Sunday I finally got around to calling the super, who said he'd come by Mon. Monday aftwer work I call him three times. He finally comes. He opens the blinds all the way and points to the very top of the window. "It's open." I almost died.... Um, sorry - I didn't look up there - was all I could come up with. No shit, stupid girl. Perhaps they shouldn't make windows in this city so damn tall. And who opened it up there ANYWAY? Needless to say, I am a tard. Poor super...though he did throw out my couch.

One last thing I have been thinking about then I am off to bed. I gave my # to this guy I was talking to Fri night, b/c he was the cutest of the group we were with, and b/c I was drunk. After he asked for my # I had no intent of talking to him again, nor did I care if he called. Of course him texting me right after that only made things worse, then he texted today asking for my email. I ignored it. I have analyzed myself (with my friend at work) and decided that after someone either asks for my # or I make out with them, it's over for me. I am done with them. I don't know what that means or anything, but that is my latest self-analyzation. I can go a little further to say that if I know there is some challenge or something dangerous off-hand, I am all about it. If I have to chase you for nine months to get you to be my boyfriend, if you notoriously don't date girls, even if you are a lying cheater and I don't even know it - it's like a sixth sense I have - then, and only then am I interested. At that point the phone number/make out=over it rule is null and void. Anyway, no point to that, just saying....if I make out with you, I probably won't answer your phone calls. Ha.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Year

So Texas was a lot of fun for the 10 days I was there. I hung out with Buster, my dog, a lot, saw my friends tons and had a badass birthday in Austin. I actually had two birthday dinners, one in Austin, one in Houston: both were BYOB. I got as drunk in Austin as I did in college--I ended up throwing up AT Dizzy Rooster--I haven't thrown up in years. I think.

New Years was at this big party in downtown Houston thrown by a Bellaire guy. I knew kind of a lot of people, but not to where it was annoying. Pretty much stuck with my friends: it was me, Court, Rachel (Rosen), Emily, Justin, Bryan (Hagle), Morgan C., Bonnie, and her boyfriend Mike. One of my good friends from high school was there too, which was cool. The after party in our hotel in downtown Houston was really fun: we drunk ate like champs...then Rachel mooned us. Hah.

The strangest thing happened. Bryan and I walked to the parking lot together the next day (the 1st) to find that his truck had been stolen! The police found it like a week later in the ghetto, stripped down. Houston can be so ghetto-fied.

Being back in the city was a drag at first, I was really tired from my 10 days of doing nothing/going out. Last weekend Merna, Laura and I stayed in Friday and drank wine by ourselves. I swear we are cool. Saturday night, Mern and I went to dinner at a (what else) BYOB place near my place, then met up with Laura, Spies and some of their friends. We ended up at Libation, and I heard one of my friends and I might have made out with the same guy...who happens to be a mutual guy friend. However, since no one really remembers, I assume our guy friend also is unsure....so I am going to say that it's just funny.

Last week Courtney and I looked for apartments and found one on the second night! It's a little further uptown than we are now, and than I would like to be, but it is still pretty close to the subway and not too bad of a commute to work. The good news is--it is super cute and very private for both of us. It's a two story apartment, we basically each have a floor--with our own bathrooms! We don't really have much of a living room, but our rooms are both big enough for sofas. However, I think we might get a small sofa and tv for the common area anyway. Anyway, I will post pictures when we get it all cute. We can move in Jan 25 and our lease here is up Feb 1st so it will be nice to have a few days to move. Yay!

Thursday Rachel and Andrea came to visit me. They were my neighbors growing up, and Rachel was basically like a little sister to me. I see her everytime I go back to Houston and we keep in touch pretty well...though she is 18. Andrea is also one of her best friends and is 19. So I had some youngins on my hands. Thurs night we just went to dinner b/c I had to work Friday. Friday night we saw a Broadway show, "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee." It was really cute and funny. After that we went to Union Square because I wanted to take them to the famous (at least, to my friends) Coffee Shop for dinner. I didn't even think about the fact that you have to be 21 to get in at night since there is a bar there (it was like 10:30). That really pissed me off, but we went to Steak Frites instead--a place I have been wanting to try for like a year. We just came back here and watched Dane Cook, who I found out Rachel is obsessed with too. We really are scary alike in some ways, even though I have not had direct influence on her since I was 18 and lived 2 doors down. We sort of re-discovered this this weekend.

Saturday I took the girls to Chinatown, where they both bought way too much stuff, thus making it a successful journey. We then walked to Soho and ate a late lunch at Lombardi's, the famous pizza place. After that we walked to Magnolia Bakery in the west village, only to find the longest line there I have ever seen. We settled at a random cute cafe on Bleeker where we had coffee and dessert before heading home...to get ready to go to dinner. Needless to say, it was a fat day.

Dinner was at Milon, the BYOB Indian place that I always rave about. It looks like a permanant birthday party in a trailor, the food is good, cheap, and the atmosphere and birthday song they sing are awesome. 9 of us went to dinner: me, Rach, Andrea, Courtney, Justin, Chris, Stephen, and Shannon and Allison (from Bellaire), who were in NY for the weekend as well. It was a good time. I was planning on going home after dinner, but Jared texted and told me that he could get "my underage girls" into this bar. Of course they wanted to go, so Rach and I decided to get more drunk by making strong bacardi diets which we chugged, then decided to chug wine from the bottle. Our plan worked. Rach and I were wasted when we got to the bar. This resulted in drunk dancing and making out at the bar, which seems to happen when Jared and I are wasted together. I am such a good example for the kids. Hah. At least I left with them around 2.30 instead of staying late or staying out all night. When we got back, I ordered Ziggiz but Rach and I passed out before it came. Apparently Andrea heard the doorbell but didn't get up. We never answered! Now Ziggiz hates us, for sure! We are moving...but they don't even to deliver to our new apartment! I already know that we will be making cabs stop there on our way home on ~those~ kinds of nights.

The girls left today. I would say they had a pretty badass trip. It was nice hanging with them for a long time. Seriously haven't hung out with them that much since we were kids.

Tonight (Sunday), I wanted to go out since we don't have work tomorrow, but no one else really did. I guess it's better this way, I can try to be productive tomorrow. Though my friends want to do brunch, which usually means drinking. So we will see.

I go to MIAMI this weekend for work! It's like 80 there. I want to lay out...I have all day Sunday to do so, weather permitting. I also have some guy friends who live there from college, who I plan to meet up with. I am excited.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

should i give up?

Seriously, I have been too busy to write for so long. I am wondering if it is even worth it. I will quickly go over what's been going on:

-Sheri got engaged! Holden came up to NYC and surprised her the first weekend in November. Sadly, this means she moved back to Texas (today, actually) but I'm happy for her.

-The next weekend I went to Rome with work as a fun trip. All we did was eat, drink, and have a scavenger hunt. We went out one night and met Roman guys, who I gave my email address to but never heard from. I was thinking the emails would be funny and entertaining, similar to freshman and sophomore year of college when I met the Spanish guy in Spain and he would mail me letters and presents. Oh well.

-Went to Texas two days after getting back. It was Thanksgiving, I saw lots of my friends and had a fun time. I fell down the stairs while after-partying one night and woke up at my friend's apartment and saw a bag of frozen peas on his desk. This is what we used as an ice pack, apparently. That was the only night I even really drank, which was fine, I got to see a bunch of people and be productive the rest of the time.

-Went back to Texas the next weekend--to Dallas for a work event. It was FREEZING and like snowing there. It wasn't even cold here when we left on Thurs! I saw Samantha a lot--she, Nicole and I did dinner Friday night and managed to get ourselves free tequila shots and guacamole. I love being us! Then, after our work thing Sat, I went to dinner with work people and another agency we work with and got drunk. At like 9:45 when we were going back to the hotel bar to drink more, I switched to water because I didn't want to be wasted when Nicole and Sam came to get me. They came around 10:15 and we went straight to Ghost bar, where there were a lot of old people--like our parents age. We got our one standard free drink then proceeded to go to Suite, which I liked a lot better--it was a younger crowd with a dance floor. We managed to have a fun crazy time before going back to Samanthas and drunk eating a pizza, then putting another pizza in the oven and forgetting to turn the oven on. We were both blacked out during this, apparently, because neither of us remembers. We just found the evidence in the morning. I also took my contacts out and threw them away. This led to me being very confused when I woke up in the morning, unable to see, and Samantha was not in the bed. Haven't wondered where I was in a loooong time. It was a job well done, drinking wise. Sunday my work people left early but I was on a later flight, so a bunch of friends and I went to lunch. I then had an hour to shop at the mall before I had to go to the airport--I must say I did well for myself. I should be on a speed shopping show. If they had those.

That brings us to now. I am broke, due to said shopping, and tired from all the traveling. On top of everything, last night we had a giant party at our small ass apartment. The party was for Christmukkah and for Sheri's going away. It was a lot of fun. We had (besides alcohol and mixers, obviously) jello shots, food, decorations, and a Bon Voyage oreo cheesecake. We don't fuck around. I managed to get wasted and dance and do all the things I do until 4 something am. I am impressed with myself. Tonight there is another party at this guy's apartment; I will probably go despite my tiredness, only because it's my first weekend in the city in about a month--I miss going out here! I have next weekend as well, then will be flying BACK to Texas for Christmas, my birthday, and New Years. If you are going to be around, let me know...I have 10 days to do whatever. I think we are going to Austin for my bday, the Thurs-Fri after Xmas. New Years plans are still TBD but I have some options at this point--all I really care about is wearing my cute new dress out somewhere. And NOT accessorizing it with a big puffy down jacket like last year in NY. It will also be cheaper to do New Years in TX...it will be a nice change.

OK sorry that was lame and not detailed, but if you want to know more just ask me...I may be able to make time in my crazy schedule to give details.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

October in a nutshell

I have been way too busy to write. Seriously. Here are highlights:

The first weekend in October my mom, aunt and uncle came to town. We ate a lot. We did touristy things. It was nice to see them, and my mom and I even got a day to ourselves which was nice. Obviously no craziness occurred so I will move along.

The weekend after this was boring. Court could not get drunk. Nothing else interesting happened. Am I getting lame?

Two weekends ago Court and I went to DC to stay with Adrienne, who was having a party with her roomates. Our friends Mary Margaret (aka Spies) and Laura also came with us, b/c Adrienne lives with their good friend EA. Another girl, Margaret, came with them b/c her good friends also live with Adrienne and EA. Jenna came up from LA b/c it was her birthday, Brittany came just from Austin for the hell of it, and another NY girl, Claire, came Saturday. Let's also not forget the seventh NY girl, Lauren, who came up by train before we got there. Are you getting all this? Basically there were like 13 girls staying in this one house and it felt like sorority days all over again. I think we let that get to our heads...

Court, Laura, Spies, Margaret and I caught the bus Friday at 5:30. We slept for the first bit of the trip, but when we got to the rest stop like an hour and a half outside of DC, we got mixers and started making drinks. We were those girls on the bus--the ones trying but failing to be inconspicuous about drinking, and getting louder and louder with each drink. It was a fun bus ride for the last leg and we were all pretty drunk by the time we got to DC, which was somewhere around 11 or 11:30pm. We quickly got ready and headed out to some bar--Jenna also was pretending to be getting married, so it was a fake bachelorette party. I thought this would mean free drinks were in the bag, however, DC boys turned out to be cheaper than NY boys. Luckily, Adrienne's BF Ryan was there to help us out. I think he helped me out a little too much b/c I got blackout drunk and don't even remember the end of the night. Apparently one of my friends took a guy home from the bar then kind of forgot about him (we assume he just left), and a few of them shacked. The girl with the best shacking story was Jenna, who shacked with a Polish guy named Arthur who we had seen her making out with at the bar. She got a cab to meet us at Whole Foods the next afternoon, and showed up in his J Crew sweater (circa 1996) over her dress from the night before--complete with 5 inch heels. We are some classy bitches, what can I say.

Brittany, Adrienne and I walked around Georgetown (a cute ritzy area) Sat afternoon and I spent the rest of the afternoon making Jello shots with Whitney, one of Adrienne's roomates. EA had already made 200 or so, and Whitney and I made about 300 more. The fridge was cleaned out and was filled completely with Jello shots by the time we were done. We also made trashcan punch and the girls had gotten 2 kegs, and we set up a beer pong table. Can you tell that we were all fratastic in college?

The night was as crazy as one would expect. A lot of people came, a lot of drinking games were played, a lot of drunk fratty guys acted retarded and did things like spit on people and harass girls. EA drew a mustache with a shaprie on some tooljob, which was pretty funny. I was really into beer pong, I am pretty sure I was talking some shit and having a damn good time doing it. I don't recall much, yet again, but I do know that I passed out on the couch downstairs--probably while people were still partying. I heard a rumor that mustache guy might have come and joined me for a while--which is gross if he touched me at all--but I am sure was highly entertaining for others. I kind of wish there were pics. When I woke up, I was alone and the mustache tooljob was on the other couch, thank God.

Basically we acted like a bunch of college kids, and it felt strangely like I was back at UT, I guess because everyone went there, and because I was back in a house with a million girls. It was a lot of fun, and we decided we needed to do things like that more often--so Court and I want to have a Christmakah party here in December. Even though we don't have a house, we do have the terrace...that's a big deal, kids. It would be nice to have a drunken UT reunion party every few months--more of ya'll should come!

This week I worked a lot b/c we had a cocktail party Thursday. I got drunk at the event after ours, which was a Trader Magazine party. Oh yea, I am going to be in a pic in the back of Trader mag in the social pages. Me and some traders. Haha. Saturday (yesterday) we had that huge event/job search that I may told you all about (I can't say the name b/c I have an internet tracker on the name of it and I can't have my blog tracked to work). Anyway, it went well despite the rain.

So I didn't go out Friday since I had to get up early Sat, and Saturday night was really kind of lame. Court and I got all dressed up for Halloween. I was the Greek Goddess of wine and she was a pirate. We had a lot of trouble getting a cab and I thought I might freeze to death b/c of my skimpy clothes--even though I had on a peacoat. We finally met up with Missy at a party with no alcohol, then moved on to a party with no boys. I would have been fine, even though I was really tired, but Court wasn't feeling it and I was OK going home early. This means that we must now take lots of pics on Halloween (Tues night) when we dress up, since we basically took none. I think Chris is having a little apt party, since his apartment is overlooking the parade in the village. We will prob go down to the parade for a bit, but if it's cold, I might have to wear a blanket and transform into a Greek Olsen.

I think (hope) that work will be less crazy this week. Jason is coming to visit on Thursday and I am super excited. I think I am taking Friday off. We have no idea what we are going to do (well, that's not completely true...) but we need to do some activities outside of my apartment. I am thinking ice skating. We will see.

Time for bed. That was October...I will try to be better for November.